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Elevate Customer and Employee Satisfaction with enhanced User Experiences


A modern and well-designed user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) fosters customer and employee satisfaction while generating lasting value. Our project track record demonstrates tangible successes, including up to a 15% boost in customer satisfaction, up to a 20% reduction in customer churn, and cutting online abandonment rates from 20% to 10% through optimization.

UI/UX is key for seamless omnichannel experiences. Armed with hands-on experience from our digital solutions, our expert team can design interfaces for web, standalone, or mobile apps, with a proven record of success in financial solutions across intranet, internet, and mobile channels.

Axxiome's services:

  • Creation of UI/UX strategies
  • Designing and optimizing of user journeys
  • Integration and migration of applications (e.g., CMS, CRM, Online Banking applications)
  • UX architecture and style preparation
  • UI prototyping / mock-ups
  • Automated UI testing
  • Implementation of monitoring and usage tracking tools for production optimization
15% Customer Satisfaction Gain
20% Churn Reduction
15% Cross Selling Gains
25% Online Transaction Increase


The UI/UX design process prioritizes user needs and business objectives. It begins with an in-depth research and user interviews, followed by wireframing and prototyping to map the user journey. Designers emphasize intuitive navigation, visually engaging interfaces, and smooth interactions for a delightful user experience. Iterative testing and feedback enhance the design, resulting in a final product that seamlessly blends aesthetics, functionality, and user satisfaction.

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    Research and Discovery

    Initially, our experts embark on comprehensive research endeavors to understand user behavior and align with business objectives. They glean insights from user interviews, competitor analysis, and user journey mapping.
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    Ideation and Wireframing

    Our designers cultivate innovative concepts and translate them into tangible UI/UX designs using wireframes. They craft low-fidelity prototypes to vividly depict the user journey and seek validation from stakeholders and potential users to refine design concepts.

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    Visual Design and Prototyping

    In this stage, our design team transforms wireframes into visually appealing interfaces, accentuating brand identity, colors, fonts, and icons. High-fidelity prototypes undergo thorough usability tests to gather feedback.

    Through an agile methodology, we consistently refine the user experience until it's primed for comprehensive end user testing.

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    The ultimate phase entails rigorous usability testing involving real banking clients, where feedback is systematically collected and analyzed for iterative design refinement. We attend to user preferences, pain points, and suggestions to optimize the UI/UX, ensuring a seamless and delightful banking experience.

    As a valuable supplement to usability testing, we offer eye-tracking capabilities and gather quantitative metrics as UX Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), including task success rates, time on task, and ease of use.

Tools and Assets

Tools and assets play a pivotal role in UI/UX design and architecture, elevating productivity, fostering creativity, and enhancing efficiency. Equipping designers with robust features, templates, and resources, they streamline the design process, facilitating the development of visually captivating and user-friendly interfaces.


Design thinking prioritizes understanding user needs, fostering innovation, and refining through feedback, ensuring a UI/UX aligned with user objectives and preferences.


Customer journey design maps the full user experience, highlighting touchpoints and interactions, enabling designers to create a seamless, aligned UI/UX journey.


Axxiome's designers utilize cloud-based UI/UX prototyping tools for real-time collaboration, ensuring seamless design and testing regardless of team location.


Using tools like Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD, we craft wireframes and designs. Maze and Lookback enable remote usability testing, ensuring design effectiveness.

Our digital solutions feature ready-to-use UI designs for Digital Teller, Servicing and Operations, Retail App, and Commercial App, accelerating tailored customer design creation.
Our digital solutions feature ready-to-use UI components for Digital Teller, Servicing and Operations, Retail App, and Commercial App, accelerating tailored customer implementations.


  • Higher customer satisfaction: Project example - increase in satisfaction from 75% to 90%.
  • Increased customer loyalty: Project example - reduction of customer churn by 20%.
  • Improved cross-selling opportunities: Project example - increase of cross-selling rate by 15%.
  • Reduction of customer care costs e.g., in telephone contact by 30%.
  • Increase online transaction rate by 25%.
  • Accelerated transaction time: project example - reduction from 5 to 3 minutes.
  • Reduced Errors: minimized user mistakes, improved accuracy.


Why UI/UX in BANKING? UI/UX architecture ensures seamless and user-friendly banking experiences, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.
How can banking benefit from UI/UX? Optimization improves operational efficiency, reducing manual efforts and errors.
What role does user research play in UI/UX design? User research provides insights into user needs and behaviors, guiding design decisions for better outcomes.
How does UI/UX impact customer retention? A positive UI/UX enhances customer experience, fostering loyalty and increasing customer retention.
What are some common UI/UX challenges in banking? Common challenges include complex banking processes and ensuring data security while maintaining a seamless experience.
How can UI/UX be optimized for mobile banking?

Prioritize responsive design, intuitive navigation, and minimalistic interfaces to cater to mobile users' needs.