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Cityscape of Frankfurt, Germany, the financial center of the country.


Discover our Journey of Innovation, Commitment, and Excellence in Transforming the Banking Industry


Axxiome represents excellence and innovation in the financial services industry. Utilizing Axxiome’s banking solutions, coupled with expert technology and advisory services, we lead banks through digital, core banking, and data innovations.




Our mission is to deliver solutions to the financial services industry, driving business and technology change through proven global expertise.



We are the No.1 brand known for extraordinary people having fun and being rewarded for delivering extraordinary results - driving professional and personal growth and taking the company to the next level.



At the heart of our success are our people. Their expertise drives our innovation and their passion fuels our growth. We are a family, embracing diversity, fostering collaboration, and cultivating a vibrant work culture.

Our Values

Guided by our commitment to expertise, collaboration, and balance, these core values shape our culture and drive our success:

Expertise & Innovation We value the skills and knowledge of our team, fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation.  
Collaboration & Respect We believe in the power of teamwork and cultivate an environment where everyone is valued, respected, and heard.  
Balance & Enjoyment We embrace the balance between commitment and fun, creating a fulfilling and enjoyable atmosphere for our team.  

Thinking Global

With offices and subsidiaries in many countries around the world, Axxiome excels in transforming legacy banking platforms to modern solutions, and is considered a leader in implementation and integration of digitization initiatives across the globe. For more details on our office locations, visit our Contact page.

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Our Leadership Team

Meet our dynamic leadership team, the driving force behind our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in banking.

Michael Mauk CEO
Justyna Diakowska Head of Finance
ROMAN ERNST Head of Product
SILKE SCHÖNEICH Head of HR & Marketing
WENDY STAUDT Head of North America


Michael Mauk

Michael Mauk is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Axxiome. After an apprenticeship as a banker and an education in business management and computer science, Michael began his career at SAP as an application consultant. He then went on to build up IMG Group in the U.S., and in 1999 he returned to Europe, where he was appointed as Senior Vice President to the extended executive management team. He successfully expanded the business into SAP Banking, which developed into a significant part of IMG’s business.

In 2006, he joined ifb Group where he successfully built the SAP Core Banking business, and expanded the business to the U.S. through the Miami office. In 2009, Axxiome was formed from a management buyout of ifb Group, and Michael has continued to grow the company and expand on the service offerings to make Axxiome the successful organization that it is today.

Pawel Midon

As co-founder, Pawel Midon built the European business of Axxiome. In his role as Chief Technology Officer, he has strongly shaped both the technology direction and the product direction of the company. Pawel has 25 years of experience in IT and technology consulting in the financial services sector. He has mainly contributed through his expertise in the areas of technology and software development in various consulting companies in Europe.

Under his leadership, a number of large technology transformations and IT transformation programs were successfully executed. Due to his expertise in this area, his advice is highly valued by executives in the technology divisions of various financial services companies. Today, Pawel is a member of the Advisory Board of Axxiome AG as well as CEO of ConVista Health GmbH and a Member of the Executive Board of ConVista Consulting AG.

Our Journey

  • 1999 - THE ROOTS

    The core group of today´s organization started in 1999. At this time, Michael was with IMG Group, a midsize consulting firm in Switzerland. After founding and leading IMG’s Americas operation, Michael started the new Business Line, SAP Core Banking Implementation & Development Services in Europe. In 2006, Michael joined ifb group in Cologne. Several colleagues from IMG followed Michael and became part of the new Business Line, SAP Core Banking & Insurance.

    Axxiome was founded in 2009 in a management buyout, with an initial group of over 80 highly experienced experts. From the beginning, Axxiome’s core competencies were rooted in the banking and insurance industry. Axxiome has continued to grow these competencies over the years.

    Axxiome has strategically acquired HartterGroup GmbH in Austria, bolstering our capabilities in the digital banking product domain, underscoring our commitment to excellence and growth in the industry.

    Axxiome has divested its insurance business to intensify our concentration on delivering unparalleled banking services and solutions, reaffirming our dedication to sector-specific excellence.

    Axxiome, with over 200 global employees, boasts extensive expertise in banking services and solutions from worldwide implementations. As the company evolves, it continues to manage transformation projects while enhancing its product portfolio.