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April 3, 20241 min read

Join Axxiome’s Experts at Data Citizens 2024 in Orlando

This April 9-11, join us at the Data Citizens Conference in Orlando, Florida, USA. Organized by Collibra, this premier Data Governance Conference is a pivotal gathering for the world's most forward-thinking data leaders, eager to explore breakthrough solutions in data governance.

Why Data Governance Matters Now More Than Ever

In an era where trusted data is not just an asset but a necessity, the significance of robust data governance cannot be overstated. It's the backbone of organizational success, ensuring data accuracy, privacy, and security. As the digital landscape evolves, staying abreast of industry trends, nurturing connections within the data community, and leveraging strategic, data-driven decision-making tools are essential.

Meet Axxiome’s Data Governance Experts

Axxiome is proud to be represented by two experts at the Data Citizens conference.

Ashley Parkes, Head of Data Practice and CSO for Axxiome Americas, brings over three decades of unmatched experience in professional services and consulting. Known for setting unparalleled standards in service quality and customer satisfaction, Ashley's expertise is a cornerstone of our success.

Tim Küssing, leader of Axxiome America's Data Governance, boasts over 20 years in the industry, with a focused commitment to Data Governance over the past five years. His profound knowledge and experience are pivotal in driving our mission forward.

Axxiome’s Commitment to Excellence in Data Governance

Axxiome has been delivering exceptional data governance solutions across banking, insurance, healthcare, and telecommunications sectors for years. Our partnership with Collibra underscores our dedication to providing top-tier solutions and services that fortify data integrity and trust across organizations.

Engage with Us at Data Citizens in Orlando

We are eager to share insights on Data Governance use cases and best practices with our peers. Join us to dive deep into discussions that shape the future of data governance, fostering a community of mutual growth and success.

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Discover how Axxiome's Data Governance services can transform your organization: Read more about our services.

For more details about the Data Citizens Conference by Collibra and how to participate, visit