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July 17, 20172 min read

Axxiome invests in Real-Time Analytics for Banks

Axxiome announced today that it has made a significant investment in real-time analytics for financial institutions. The investment takes the form of the acquisition of an analytic application product to address the increasing demand for real-time analytics using a real-time in-memory platform to support evidence-based decision-making for financial institutions.

Axxiome’s product, Cash Management Cockpit – powered by Banking BE, is designed to help corporate banks, managing corporate portfolios, generate revenue and prevent revenue leakage through actionable and real-time insights into their corporate customer portfolios. These insights include customer transaction habits, money movement and overall engagement with the bank.

As a single platform for cash management practitioners, the product supports activities in planning, budgeting, pricing, portfolio management, and pipeline management, among many others. It also allows banks to set measurable customer relationship goals and track performance relative to those goals by establishing Key Performance Indicators.

Learn more about Cash Management Cockpit – powered by Banking BE here.

Axxiome will continue to enhance the product features in line with our current roadmap, and market it globally to the financial services industry. Future releases will support machine learning, advanced analytics and other powerful capabilities.

“Benefits of big data management and advanced analytics are aplenty in the financial services world,” opines Michael Mauk, CEO, Axxiome Group. He continues, “Real-time insights, when made available to the right people at the right time in the right ways, can drive key business decisions for financial services companies. Such a need is larger among banks managing corporate portfolios. This is precisely what we address through Cash Management Cockpit – powered by Banking BE. It also enhances Axxiome’s product portfolio that aims at providing the best-of-breed and future-proof technology solutions,” says Michael in conclusion.

About Axxiome

Axxiome is a global solutions provider for the financial services industry with operations in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific. Axxiome excels in linking legacy banking platforms with modern solutions and is considered a leader in banking and insurance transformation projects across the globe. Axxiome’s professional consultants are experienced in technical and advisory services and bring innovation and knowledge to customer projects.

Axxiome offers Axxiome Banking, a comprehensive, ready-to-run digital platform for retail and commercial banking, underpinned by proven state of the art technology. It encapsulates expertise from many banking transformation programs worldwide, combining best-in-class corebanking processes with a powerful omni-channel architecture and market leading banking products.

Axxiome offers Axxiome Digital, an omni-channel platform designed to purposefully transform financial institutions into customer-centric and future-ready digital enterprises. The platform supplements the existing technology landscape with ready-to-use omni-channel solutions and UIs, out-of-the-box banking processes, and digital widgets that ensure seamless operations and superior experiences in every customer interaction across devices and channels.

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