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10. Juli 2024 10:24:00 MESZ1 min Lesezeit

Axxiome & Gravitee: A Strong Alliance Enabling Secure Digital Banking

Axxiome partners with Gravitee to enhance its banking solutions with a top-notch secure boundary for identity, access, and APIs. This collaboration highlights Axxiome's focus on advanced, secure, and efficient technology in banking. Gravitee's offerings improve Axxiome's digital plattform, especially in secure identity and access management, ensuring a clear separation and protection of interactions between bank employees and customers. 

Gravitee's Contribution to Axxiome's Digital Banking Platform

Gravitee's suite enhances Axxiome's offerings in several vital areas:

  • Centralized and Secure Access Management: Gravitee facilitates stringent identity- and access control. Its modern authentication capabilities ensure a secure gateway for banking operations and customer access.
  • API Management Efficiency: Leveraging Gravitee's platform, Axxiome can streamline the creation, deployment, and oversight of APIs, making the management process more efficient.
  • Analytics and Insights: The partnership also empowers Axxiome with analytical tools to track usage metrics and performance, facilitating informed decisions to optimize API strategies.

This integration of Gravitee's secure boundary solutions reflects Axxiome's dedication to maintaining a secure, efficient, and customer-centric approach in the banking industry.

For further details on how the Axxiome-Gravitee partnership enhances banking solutions, please visit

About Axxiome

Axxiome represents excellence and innovation in the financial services industry. Utilizing Axxiome’s banking solutions, coupled with expert technology and advisory services, we lead banks through digital, core banking, and data innovations.

About Gravitee

Passionate about simplicity and determined to make API design accessible for all, offers the leading, complete API management platform with a no-code approach and a commitment to the open source community.