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14. Juni 2017 19:20:00 MESZ1 min Lesezeit

Blueprint for Financial Services Digital Transformation


Presented by Axxiome’s Financial Services Transformation Lead, George Colwell

When: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 | 11 am EST

Industry analysts are predicting that digital transformation budgets will edge up into the trillions globally, exceeding $2.1 trillion by 2019. Recognizing the need for increased investment in digital transformation is only the first step on a long journey.

  • How can your financial services organizations get the most out of their technology investment while remaining competitive in the future?
  • How can innovators leading transformation reduce their risk of project and program failure while improving the probability of process and solution adoption and realized benefits?
  • Finally, how can you and your organization sift through changing technologies and industry trends to define your unique transformation imperatives setting a clear direction for your transformation?

Join us to explore the answer to these questions and how properly preparing your organization for digital transformation is more important than the selection of technology and will ensure a successful outcome of your digital transformation.

About the Presenter:

George Colwell, Vice President, Financial Services Transformation, Axxiome |

George Colwell leads Axxiome’s Transformation Advisory Practice. George provides clients with advice, guidance, best practices, and hands on transformation program preparation and execution management consulting for large scale digital transformations. A recognized leader in financial service transformation, George has been working with retail and commercial banks, insurance and wealth management companies in North, Central and South America for the past 20 years.

George has been active with innovative startups as both a board member and part of the executive team. Prior to Axxiome, he was SAP’s Financial Services Industry Principal engaged in the planning and execution of transformation initiatives of various financial service companies. George started his career as a banker working as a student part time in a small branch of a global bank and went on to lead their global transformation across 25 countries, and participate as a team member with their M&A team buying banks around the world.