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Axxiome's Rapid Process Mobilization & Simplification

Zero Capriza

Companies embark upon digital transformation journeys to stay ahead of the curve, but often encounter:

·       huge investments in new systems & infrastructure, particularly in ‘rip & replace’ scenarios

·       long implementation cycles, lasting months to a few years

·       impacts to business-as-usual and repercussions on end user experiences

With the adoption of smartphones and tablets seeing unprecedented increase in the digital era, companies have the opportunity to transform their business through mobilized sales and field services.


·                       Simplification: eliminate complexities from any & all back-end or front-office applications to create easy-to-use mobile apps, while existing investments in systems & infrastructure are retained

·                       Process Automation: 500+ industry-standard processes available out-of-the-box

·                       Pervasive adoption: roll out apps to all user types – customers, partners, and employees. Investments made in IT & business systems are fully realized when extended to more users

·                       1-minute workflows: Commodity transaction should take no longer than 1 minute.

·                       Quick time-to-value: desired end state for business is achieved in a few days or weeks, and not months to years

·       Industry’s first fully adaptable suite of packaged micro apps accelerates your path to mobility – Ready-to-go micro apps for the most common, high-value use cases across key line segments.


·       Comprehensive end-to-end solution powered by an industry-proven cloud platform – Built-in support for the design, testing, publishing, distribution and analysis of micro apps to your users in a highly secure and scalable environment.


·       ZeroTouch technology requiring no development, APIs or upgrades – Machine-learning based technology that interfaces to your existing business applications to automatically inherit business logic, workflows and security

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