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Axxiome's Consumer Analytics and Marketing

Digital transformation is not just about providing existing services through digital channels. It is also about engaging existing consumers and acquiring new clients through the digital medium. Axxiome has seen multiple client struggle with digital marketing, acquisition and conversion. We have developed the Axxiome Consumer Analytics and Marketing Solution to address the common challenges we’ve seen.   

  • Marketing budget constraint
  •  Inability to measure digital marketing performance or ROI
  • Insufficient internal marketing resources
  • Limited or insufficient data analytics tools
  • Limited or insufficient marketing automation or personalization capabilities
  • Inflexible IT infrastructure or the inability to produce a 360 degree view of a consumer
  • Limited or insufficient marketing technology stack

·       A centralized digital marketing consumer data base.

·       Enhanced consumer data with the integration of second party and third-party data to provide a robust digital consumer view incorporating consumer data across:

o   Transactional

o   Behavioral

o   Demographic

o   Interactions

·       Provide baseline analytics on existing consumer base across:

o   Segmentation and Audience Discovery

o   Customer Lifetime Value

o   Engagement Indicator

o   Churn Indicator

o   Next Best Activity

·       Generate lookalike digital consumer profiles

·       Develop uber-specific digital marketing campaigns against super specific segments and audiences.

·       A complete digital marketing strategy across an entire customer life cycle addressing both acquisition and retention while providing real benefits throughout.

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