Software development is a very important part of Axxiome’s work. Axxiome specializes in IT software for the financial services and insurance industries to help clients achieve their goals. We have experts in areas such as Java, ABAP, PHP, and other technologies that are required to design and build modern solutions for today’s fast changing landscape.

We distinguish three levels of service:

  1. Axxiome Premium Services (APS)– a team of highly qualified experts analyse the customer needs and prepares recommendations through a series of workshops for project/program roadmaps and general IT strategy
  2. Technology CoC Services – expert services from Centre of Competence for SAP and Java technologies that can provide valuable insight into large scale landscape integration, system and component architecture, quality assurance and software design principles
  3. Technology Development Services – where we provide cost effective development with global network of nearshore and offshore centres

Software Development Services (levels 2 and 3)

Axxiome has a team of experienced architects and developers skilled in designing and building completely new solutions, and extending or redesigning an existing one. We also provide test preparation, planning and execution services to give the end product the highest quality in accordance with business requirements. With state-of-the art technologies and best practices that have been developed out of years of experience, Axxiome ensures high quality and innovative solutions.

In addition to software development, Axxiome offers services in the following areas:

  • Software Development Methodology – Axxiome provides best practices and documentation templates, guidelines for design, development and testing in collaboration with the customer
  • Software Product Architecture and Design – Axxiome’s methodology defines required processes, documents and templates at the beginning of a project, which can significantly reduce project costs
  • Custom Development – Individual software for a client’s specific needs
  • Development/extension of existing products – Standard product extension like SAP or Java-based extensible products
  • Software Component and Integration Architecture Redesign in existing solution – Support in ongoing or finished projects
  • Enterprise Application Development – Building large scale solutions that work in large scale landscapes with hundreds of systems, that support millions of users
  • Database and Data Migration – preparation of tools and functional process for data migration at go-live(s)

UX Design and Prototypes

Axxiome’s expert UX team can design or support a design process of every web, standalone or mobile application user interface so that clients and their consumers get a tailored and intuitive solution. Axxiome has successfully designed and built many financial and corporate solutions for intranet, internet and mobile channels.

Typical services in the UX area:

  • HMI (Human Machine Interface) research and design
  • UX architecture and style preparation
  • UI prototyping (mock-ups)
  • UI automated testing
  • UI usability analysis for internal work force and mass consumers
  • Implementation of monitoring and UI usage analysis tools for production optimization

Mobile Application Development

Imagine today’s financial services without a mobile channel for customers. Axxiome understands this and puts strong emphasis on mobile development technologies and trends. Currently, Axxiome can provide the following services for our customers:

  • Development for Android/iOS/Windows phone
  • Development of mobile web applications, standalone applications, hybrid mobile applications
  • Security and device management for corporate solutions

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