Axxiome ensures superior standards of quality in all areas of our work, whether it be transformation projects, software development, advisory services, or other initiatives – we not only do things right, we do the right things.

Quality assurance is an integral part of Axxiome’s Advanced Banking Framework (ABF), which is used to lead projects, design and implement IT solutions for our customers, and assure quality of delivered development and/or quality of our products with regards to design, software implementation, integration and testing.

To assure the quality of products and projects Axxiome believes in:

  • Knowing and using code and naming conventions, best practices and respecting Axxiome guidelines/rules from each consultant
  • Providing employee training to achieve the highest standards and quality
  • Obligatory reviews and quality assurance of designs and code made by each of the chief technical and functional developers
  • Ongoing research and development to provide current and timely solutions to our customers
  • Certification for Advanced Banking Framework of all developers, functional and technical consultants

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