Applications not only encounter unsuspected challenges, they also never stop changing.  With Application Management Services (AMS) from Axxiome, an organization can significantly reduce maintenance costs, lower risks and become predictive in issue management, as well as ensure the timely release of programs, new functionality, and enhancements.

AMS safeguards applications in all lifecycle aspects, such as:

  • Enhancing software maintainability and reliability
  • Improving the system at times of necessary release, process and legislative changes
  • Maximizing efficiency and quality around fixing errors
  • Perfecting the solution, AMS expertise is the answer.

AMS is the continuous improvement and growth of applications.

Axxiome provides AMS through a flexible delivery model to meet the various demands and requirements of each organization.  AMS can be performed offshore, nearshore, or onsite, or any combination of these offerings, and can cover all time-zone challenges.  AMS is the right choice for tasks that require experienced extra hands, or the most challenging of one-off incidents.


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