Defective software, system failures, and neglected regulatory requirements are major risk factors for most banks and insurance companies today. Regularly testing IT systems is costly and time consuming for organizations, especially because so many organizations have yet to automate their testing systems.

Moving to an automated testing approach will increase quality and efficiency, while decreasing costs and risks, yet only one third of organizations have automated their testing approach. Automated test management is also an effective way to combat additional compliance requirements; address new considerations such as cloud services, mobile, and big data analysis; and re-platform and modernize heterogeneous landscapes. Axxiome has a developed methodology for implementing automated test management solutions, based on long-standing business and process knowledge in the banking and insurance industry, and benefits organizations in several ways.


  • Time reduction in the creation of new test environment
    • Allows more frequent testing cycles
  • Flexible expansion of the provision of other test systems
  • High quality of the test data through direct access to production-related data
  • Realistic tests
  • Optimized fault prediction
  • Increase the quality and stability in the production environment
  • Significant improvement of software quality
  • Reduction of the time for post-processing activities / manual rework
  • Automated test data generation
    • Shorter processing time for test data creation
    • Better use of the test window
  • Efficient Service Management Incident, Problem, and Change Management
  • Reduced risk of production in extracting and masking data
  • Avoid sanctions from sensitive data loss or breach of regulatory requirements

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