In the past, analytics was about one fundamental aspect – the database. Today, analytics covers much broader topics, such as fraud, regulatory requirements and architecture. In large transformation programs as well as small-scale projects, Axxiome integrates, processes, distributes and reports on all aspects of data.

Axxiome enables our customers to use data to drive value and be successful.

Axxiome offers analytics services in the following areas:


Using analytics to detect fraud saves organizations money. Axxiome has developed a methodology for detecting fraud through focusing on claims, analyzing data to identify patterns, and implementing preventive measures to catch similar future cases.


All credit and financial services institutions must meet a variety of regulatory requirements, and carry out new activities regarding compliance with these standards. Axxiome supports the preprocessing of business data for statutory reporting.

Architecture and Governance

Managing information across the entire enterprise can be done by using a model-driven, collaborative approach, which will improve data governance and business intelligence activities.


In order to make sense of data, organizations need to see the big picture and be able to drill down into the relevant granular details. Use analytics to make sense of data and make smarter decisions across the enterprise.

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Business Intelligence (BI)

Axxiome can implement business intelligence solutions to help organizations do more, faster with insightful data dashboards and applications that make data easy to find and easy to understand.


Control your business in real-time using SAP’s HANA solution.

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