Mastery of Enterprise Architecture (EA) is critical for both strategic planning and maximum IT effectiveness. Whether an organization requires architecture consulting as a standalone or full support service, Axxiome can help. Axxiome’s IT architects provide businesses with senior-level consulting experience and insight. They engage the stakeholders, illustrate and communicate the value delivered through effective EA, and advance long-term strategic objectives.

Uncertainty, or a lack of clarity, in major architectural decisions will result in a poor quality design and implementation. Axxiome’s innovative architects lock in on the overall priorities for the program design providing expertise in cost vs. flexibility, schedule vs. design robustness, and an experienced understanding of organizational customization appetites.

With Axxiome, organizations gain the specialization that is required in all components of architecture, including:

  • UI Strategy
  • Output Architecture
  • Integration Architecture
  • Environments Architecture
  • Information Architecture
  • Payment Architecture.

Axxiome enables architectural scalability, resilience in design, and guides customized Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for maintenance. With Axxiome, organizations can master their enterprise architecture.

6.2 Core Banking Architecture

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