Axxiome helps turn strategy into reality, by bringing the best integration and implementation experience and fusing it with lessons learned through years of strategic business consulting and accumulation of industry knowledge. The result is a solid comprehensive perspective and value for our clients. Axxiome is active and growing in two areas:

Structured Solutions

Structured solutions consist of offerings that address specific situations, use standardized methodology and tools, and are repeatable and reproducible. Based on identified needs in the market, Axxiome developed the Clarity Method, a process for organizations to map their business strategy to their specific transformation projects and articulate the technology building blocks that are required to achieve strategic business results. Axxiome also developed the Complexity Measurement Framework, which is used to identify and quantify system complexity as a means to contrast and compare the impact of new or modified systems and communicate that impact on other lines of business.

General Management Consulting

General management consulting at Axxiome consists of the involvement in business improvement projects of limited scope that are aimed at specific business processes needing review, redesign or sustainable improvement. These improvements often include identification and implementation of technical solutions. Axxiome’s Advisory Services supports solutions in areas where knowledge and experience around business, industry and context are paramount. General management solutions are typically unique and require a customized approach. Axxiome’s extensive experience and global expertise qualifies us to be trusted advisors to organizations that are investigating change, including the following focus areas:


Mastery of Enterprise Architecture (EA) is critical for both strategic planning and maximum IT effectiveness. Whether an organization requires architecture consulting as a standalone or full support service, Axxiome can help.

Axxiome Premium Services (APS)

Axxiome Premium Services (APS) is an advisory services offering that helps organizations monitor the success of a project throughout the project lifecycle. 

Clarity Method

Major change initiatives often fail for reasons other than a poor quality platform, they fail because targets and objectives are not clear and aligned at the start of the project. This can result in miscommunication and misunderstanding of priorities for stakeholders and key project participants.

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