Evolving financial services platforms over decades have increased the complexity within systems. Over time, new processes and software get added to infrastructure to fix problems or make updates, which leads to systems that are:

  • Unable to support fast-paced change
  • Highly complex with many interdependencies
  • Insufficiently supported, with few people knowing the inner workings of the complete system
  • Poorly documented
  • Brittle and often at the end of life

Most financial services organizations recognize that their systems are complex and can be simplified, but they are unsure of where to start and how to gauge and track all of the factors within their system. Complexity within a system creates many problems such as impeding business agility, contributing to increased processes and reduced performance, driving extensive QA and testing cost, and making lean execution difficult.

Axxiome’s Complexity Measurement Framework (CMF) involves a series of architecture workshops, along with an information analysis, that enables consultants to assess, communicate, and manage the complexity of a banking system. The CMF assesses a selected system holistically and uses key complexity indicators (KCIs) to score the system across four dimensions, enabling organizations to see where the greatest complexity challenges are.

Axxiome created the CMF to help organizations better understand a system’s landscape from an operational risk perspective. With the CMF, organizations can help bridge the information gap between IT and others in the organization, and create a plan to manage complexity and simplify existing processes.

6.5.5 Complexity Measurement


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