The main reason for the development of reference models is the re-usability of proven design principles. Often, projects fail or get off track due to project missteps, lack of communication and/or change in scope and direction as it gets underway. By using relevant reference models, organizations can begin with a clear, tried and tested framework and build it out to meet its requirements. Axxiome’s Advanced Banking Reference Model (ABRM) is a structured set of such models.

The ABRM is a combination of business solutions, solution architecture and project governance best practices, combined with a consulting method in order to articulate business and technology capabilities, which evolve during a transformation project.

The ABRM contains five reference models that serve as accelerators for specific circumstances:

  • The Reference Architecture Model: a comprehensive set of software modules that are required to build the model bank.
  • The Reference Process Model: more than a thousand business processes that are grouped into consumer banking, corporate banking, and capital markets.
  • The Reference Organizational Model: the roles and responsibilities of individuals associated with products and processes after the transformation project is completed.
  • The Reference Governance Model: the roles and responsibilities of individuals during the transformation project.
  • The Reference Transformation Roadmap: the ideal sequence of a transformation, including cost and effort estimates.

6.5.8 Advanced Banking Reference Model (ABRM)


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