Execute successful transformation projects, from planning through to implementation and testing.

Axxiome excels in delivering successful transformation projects. Based on extensive experience in the banking and insurance industry and work on multiple transformation projects, the Axxiome team created a comprehensive set of methods, tools and artefacts which together form the Advanced Banking Framework (ABF). The ABF represents an accelerator that enables delivery of predictable and reproducible results to customer projects and positively impacts their resulting quality and performance. Through this structured and standardized approach, Axxiome is able to reduce risk, time, and cost and, as such, we are leaders in our industry.

The ABF defines the best practice stages of transformation projects as well as what tools and standards should be used in each stage. The components provide best practice solutions that increase project efficiency by avoiding costly detours and the rework of many tasks.


Six main components build the backbone of the ABF. These components describe the whole value chain of an IT bank transformation, from business engineering and architecture to education and knowledge transfer.

6.5.3 Advanced Banking Framework Circles

Advanced Banking Academy (ABA)

The Advanced Banking Academy (ABA) is an Axxiome-developed training program that provides coaching and guidance modules addressed to all different types of contributors in a banking transformation program.

Advanced Banking Reference Model (ABRM)

The main reason for the development of reference models is the re-usability of proven design

Complexity Measurement Framework

Evolving financial services platforms over decades have increased the complexity within systems. Over time, new

Clarity Method

Major change initiatives often fail for reasons other than a poor quality platform, they fail

Holistic Architecture & Program Planning Initiative (HAPPI)

Before embarking on any transformation project all factors, details and logistics must be considered. Axxiome’s

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