Axxiome Rapid Process Mobilization & Simplification

Accelerated Digital transformation Companies embark upon digital transformation journeys to stay ahead of the curve,

Consumer Analytics and Marketing

Understanding your customers, anticipating needs Digital transformation is not just about providing existing services through

Enhanced Robotic Process Automation

Mastery of Enterprise Architecture (EA) is critical for both strategic planning and maximum IT effectiveness.



Accelerated Digital transformation Companies embark upon digital transformation journeys to stay ahead of the curve,

Axxiome Premium Services (APS)

In projects, it is important to not only do things right, you must also do

Clarity Method

Major change initiatives often fail for reasons other than a poor quality platform, they fail


Business Intelligence (BI)

Axxiome can implement business intelligence solutions to help organizations do more, faster with insightful data dashboards and applications that make data easy to find and easy to understand.


Control your business in real-time using SAP’s HANA solution.


Business Process Management (BPM)

Knowing your processes means knowing your business, Business Process Management (BPM) is necessary in every

Business Strategy

Axxiome focuses on intelligence through analytics in financial markets. Initiatives are related to banking to

Migration and Test Data Management

Defective software, system failures, and neglected regulatory requirements are major risk factors for most banks

Digitization and Modernization

Financial institutions are focusing more on transforming their business strategies, operations, and technologies to improve

System Landscape Transformation

Digital system landscape transformation poses significant challenges to many companies in the financial sector. Financial


Application Management Services (AMS)

Axxiome provides complete management of the technology aspects of business applications so that you can focus on business process effectiveness.

Quality Assurance

Axxiome ensures superior standards of quality in all areas of our work, whether it be

Software Development

Software development is a very important part of Axxiome’s work. Axxiome specializes in IT software

SAP Implementation

As a qualified project partner, Axxiome provides integration of SAP for banking and insurance with


Advanced Banking Academy

After a transformation project there is a lot to learn in the hand-off process and not much time to do it. Due to time constraints, training often covers only the basics and does not provide an in-depth look at the newly implemented software and applications. Axxiome created the Advanced Banking Academy (ABA) to address these training shortfalls and provide hands on exercises and use cases to better increase the knowledge transfer.

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