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Advanced Banking Academy (ABA)

An Axxiome-developed collection of detailed learning to optimize the benefits of banking frameworks. The ABA covers methods, industry standards, tools, and implementation.

Advanced Banking Framework (ABF)

An Axxiome-developed comprehensive set of methods, tools, and accelerators that drive success during complex banking transformation programs.

Advanced Banking Reference Model (ABRM)

A combination of business solutions, solution architecture, and project governance best practices, together with a consulting method that articulate business and technology capabilities.

Advanced Banking Reference Process Model (ABRPM)

A project accelerator that supports project phases by aligning terminology, communication, and level-set processes. The ABRPM supports projects through project scoping and scope control, project preparations, blueprinting, and testing.

Advanced Business Method (ABM)

An Axxiome-developed method that is used to implement SAP in the financial industry. The method supports business considerations, processes, and software integration.

Application Management Services (AMS)

A support model that enables organizations to lower risks and become predictive in issue management, as well as ensure the timely release of programs, new functionality, and enhancements.

Axxiome Banking

An Axxiome-developed end-to-end banking product that provides a ready to use, full service banking platform for business and retail customers

Axxiome Digital

A Hartter-developed set of re-usable content and workflows for more than 500 robust banking processes.

Axxiome Premium Services (APS)

An Axxiome-developed offering that provides advisory services during a project implementation to ensure the successful roll out of the project throughout the project lifecycle.


banking architecture

The design of a banking system that includes the IT systems, platforms, and processes that are required for the bank to complete routine banking activities.

Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN)

A global organization that consists of financial institutions, software vendors, and system integrators, who work together to define common IT standards and solutions for the banking industry.

banking reference architecture

A generalized set of templates that are used a starting point to develop and customize an architecture solution for an organization

Business Intelligence (BI)

The use of analytics enable organizations do more, faster with insightful data dashboards and applications that make data easy to find and easy to understand.

business intelligence platform

A software platform that is designed to provide relevant information to an organization, specifically in the areas of integration, information delivery, and analysis.

business process

A predefined activity or set of activities that optimize and standardize the way a task or process is accomplished within the organization.

Business Process Management (BPM)

An approach to efficiently managing the operations of an organization through predefined, standard business processes.

Business Target Operating Model (BTOM)

A model that describes a target state from the strategic business capability, technology capability, and project/program roadmap perspective. A BTOM aligns business and IT viewpoints, and is used to determine the sequence of project investments that will lead to specific business outcomes.


Clarity Method

An Axxiome-developed business consulting method that is used to map an organization’s business strategy and capabilities to the transformations of a project.

Complexity Measurement Framework (CMF)

An Axxiome-developed method that involves architecture workshops, along with an information analysis that enables consultants to assess and quantify the complexity of a financial services system.

Complexity Measurement Score (CMS)

A numeric assessment that is used to measure the complexity within the context of a system that is being measured and identify and track changes in complexity that arise from proposed or actual modifications to the system. A CMS can be used to justify a major change program or determine areas that need attention.

core banking system

The main application that is used to process all transactions within a bank.

core banking transformation

The process of overhauling a banking system to improve the integration of systems, respond to new and changing technologies, and increase agility within the bank.



The process of modernizing information, channels, and operations so that organizations can stay competitive in today’s ever changing technological landscape


enterprise architecture (EA)

The design of the structure and operation of a financial services organization. Enterprise architecture is necessary to achieve optimum performance in strategic planning as well as IT effectiveness.


financial technology (FinTech)

A segment of the financial services industry that is focused on innovation in financial technology, and is often seen as a disruptor to existing organizations


Holistic Architecture and Program Planning Initiative (HAPPI)

An Axxiome-developed thorough planning phase in a project in which project estimates are determined, tasks are prepared for extended teams, business and IT goals are aligned, and methods and architectures for executing the project are decided upon.



The process of adding processes or software or making small changes over a period of time, which leads to many layers of systems and processes and increases the complexity of a system.


Key Complexity Indicator (KCI)

A measurement that is used to gauge the complexity of a certain business component. Within the CMF, there are 54 KCIs that are used to determine the complexity measurement score.



Pertaining to outdated software or hardware that is still in existence and being used within the system.

legacy system

A system that is at or past end-of-life and has limited vendor support.



Pertaining to the ability to offer services through more than one communication channel, such as in branch, online, or mobile.



Pertaining to the ability to offer services through more than one communication channel, in which there is a seamless experience when switching from channel to the next, such as moving from online banking to mobile banking.


reference architecture model

A comprehensive set of software modules that are required to build the model bank.

reference governance model

The roles and responsibilities of individuals during the transformation project.

reference organizational model

The roles and responsibilities of individuals associated with products and processes after a transformation project is completed.

reference process model

A model that contains more than a thousand business processes that are grouped into consumer banking, corporate banking, and capital markets.

reference transformation roadmap

The ideal sequence of a transformation, including cost and effort estimates.


Service Level Agreement (SLA)

A documented agreement between consumer and supplier that details performance requirements, response times, escalation and remedy procedures.

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

The policies, practices, and frameworks that enable services, applications, and components to integrate together within a software system.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

A software license that enables purchasers to subscribe to software rather than purchasing it outright, which lowers maintenance costs, as maintenance is typically included by the vendor as part of the service. SaaS is typically offsite or cloud-based so that the purchaser does not have to maintain the hardware.


technical complexity

An assessment that is based on specific contributing factors related to the composition, integration, deployment, and patterns that are associated with the system.

technical debt

Shortsighted and regretful investments that are made over time that contribute to system weaknesses and limitations.

transformation project

A project that is undertaken to significantly change or overhaul an existing process or system

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