Voice is the most natural form of human interaction. Analysts estimate that voice will become the primary form of customer interaction with any smart machine. Research also indicates that more than 50% millennials use voice commands at least once a month. It’s picking up sooner than we think in banking too.

Axxiome Voice-First is your end-to-end solution for voice-activated banking. From developing voice skills that support and fulfill voice transactions, to building integration between voice-driven devices (e.g. Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Homepod) with your banking platform, to securing the transaction through in-built protocols, Axxiome Voice-First offers everything a bank needs to hit the ground running with voice banking.

Axxiome offers a three-level engagement based on the interaction complexity:

  • Deliver: Ease consumers into voice as an interaction channel. Provide information that is publicly available, without the need to set up user authentication. Common use cases for this level of voice banking include:
    • Support & FAQ: provide generic information to consumers such as bank routing number, password reset, branch address and working hours, & instructions for password reset.
    • Origination: provide information on how to get started on a new financial product such as a credit card or an unsecured loan.

The deliver phase allows you to test waters and smoothly integrate technology that supports voice-activated banking, while consumers are empowered with a rich, self-service experience.

  • Engage: With good customer adoption & engagement rates from the basic voice capabilities that were enabled in the deliver phase, banks can up the game with additional use cases. Reviewing recent transactions and checking account balances are some of the most common functionalities consumers carry out even on their mobile app. This phase is marked by setting up user authentication and security protocols and integrating with the banking platforms.
  • Experience: Having successfully maneuvered the deliver and engage phases, banks can provide a fully-blown experience over voice to consumers. Transferring money between accounts and making bill payments are two of the most sought-after capabilities. The experience phase demands additional security protocols (such as a one-time voice pin) and a deeper integration with business processes and banking platforms to initiate and complete the transactions.

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