With decades of expertise in the financial services industry globally, Axxiome has collected, massaged, refined and created 500+ industry-standard business processes that are valuable to financial institutions. The business processes span customer & account management, deposits, product origination, loans services, teller & cash, collateral management, and corporate banking, among other areas. The business processes are available out-of-the-box across all the channels the financial institution operates in. E.g. branch, online, mobile, mobile sales and customer service.

The business processes have been tested and can be adopted readily and easily across all line of businesses, branches and geographical locations of the financial institution. The business processes are highly customizable to suit specific needs of the financial institution, and the customizations are seamlessly available in all the channels, devices and third-party systems as defined in the architecture.

Axxiome Digital combines the power of technology and proven business process acumen into the one ready-to-use platform to digitize, automate and simplify the operations of financial institutions.

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