Legacy systems that are complex in the back-end not only affect the system landscape, it can lead to increased efforts and manual work for routine day-to-day operations. When bank employees are working to complete tasks that could be automated, it takes time away from where it matters most – the customers! Step in Axxiome Digital.

Hundreds of industry-standard processes readily available for financial institutions is only one of the many benefits of Axxiome Digital with regard to business processes. What’s more, the business processes are exposed as services through the API driven architecture so that they can be consumed by all channels, devices, peripheral devices and third party systems such as Fintechs and regulators.

The business processes are available out-of-the-box and are ready to run. They are also highly customizable and customization needs to be done only once for them to seamlessly integrate with the entire architecture, including external third parties such as the credit bureaus.

As well, Axxiome Digital comes with a BPMN2-standard Business Process Management engine and Business Rules Management engine that allow a financial institution to manage and control all the business processes, rules and workflows centrally. It allows seamless drag-and-drop process design capabilities in ways such that process changes can be affected in a matter of minutes.

The process orchestration capabilities of Axxiome Digital instill process digitization, standardization and automation. It thereby eliminates manual processes, reduces process errors, and increases the overall process and operations efficiency for the financial institution.

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