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The banking industry is seeing accelerated disruption, Open Banking is already providing ways for new challenger banks to emerge and start building their customer base. New clearing banks and banking platforms, together with fancy Fintech solutions and regulation that is aimed at promoting competition is now moving to the next Level. So far, it’s been the time for the early adopters, but it is now the time for the economies of scale.

It is in this context, that traditional banks are still struggling to get their digital strategy in place. But time is running out, this time next year the amount of new challenger banks in the market will be so big that traditional banks will start to run out of options.

Axxiome Digital can help. With its unsurpassed integration capabilities and its state-of-the-art technology, it can get the old legacy architecture opened to the digital word in just a few months.

  1. Axxiome Digital supports different interfaces – SOAP, RESTful APIs, etc. – allowing banks to integrate fintech solutions in hours by means of simple API calls. All processes can also be consumed by external parties allowing the development of a business ecosystem to provide new, innovative business solutions to enhance customers’ experience.
  2. Its Integration Adapter allows integration with old legacy technology by means of simple mapping and configuration. Protocols such as CPIC, TCP/IP, JDBC/DTA, RFC, etc. are available out of the box from a component that has already been integrated to most major Core Banking applications as well as homegrown solutions developed in Mainframe or Cobol, etc.
  3. Product Innovation: An inbuilt feature, product configurator, allows enhancing of the base banking products – bundling of products, changing business rules, pricing, etc .to cater to specific customer segments. The newly enhanced products can be launched across channels rapidly to keep up with the emerging customer preferences

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