Helping banks deliver the branch of the future.

Branch strategy is taking many forms, from coffeeshop style branches to self-service kiosks in shopping malls, from improved traditional branches to smaller, leaner branches in trendy areas. Banks are questioning different ways to maintain presence in the street, compete with branchless financial institutions, and keep the costs down, all at the same time.

For all these strategies, Axxiome Digital is the answer.

Technology plays a particularly important role in a future-ready branch. Axxiome Digital comes pre-integrated with a huge number of peripherals, such as:

  • Video tellers: allows remote interaction between a customer and advisors or call center agents
  • Digital signature pads: customers sign digitally to authorize transactions & legal documents.
  • Fingerprint scanners: captures and stores customers’ fingerprints for customer verification and authorization of transactions, and also allows for quicker internal approvals.
  • Card printers: allows printing of customized cards (debit, credit) for immediate issue and use
  • In-Branch mobile devices, such as tablets: enables mobility inside the branch.
  • Identification document scanning: ends the need for photocopies of passports and ID cards and having to key them in manually. Simply scan it and the OCR technology populates all the information automatically.


Whatever your strategy, Axxiome Digital is the solution to future-proof your branch!

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