Give your customers an unprecedented understanding of their finances.

Banks have always been looked upon as trusted financial advisors. Axxiome’s personal and business finance management tools enable banks to automate and contextualize financial advisory for customers, whenever and wherever they need them. Essentially, they turn data into insights in real-time to drive personalized engagement with customers.

Customers can enjoy a consolidated view of all their cards & accounts for the entire household, balance history & forecast, transaction categorization, expense reporting, budget & financial planning, set & track savings goals, compare themselves to peers and understand their current net worth.

The tool allows for the aggregation of all the customer’s cards and accounts, even when they bank with a different provider. The solution automatically assigns accurate categories to the transactions providing an unprecedented view of the transactions (e.g. energy spending, food, clothes). Customers can also manually edit the categories.

Corporate and SMB customers can better understand and manage their finances through innovative business logic and automated cash flow analysis. Solution highlights include budget planning, income and cash flow analysis, all presented in the form of visual charts.

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