Fast time-to-market: Expose new and value-added products quickly across all channels!

Technology is forcing industries to evolve rapidly, and financial institutions are no exception. Financial institutions are under immense pressure to offer new and innovative products to customers, ahead of the competition. This is often an area of concern for financial institutions. Products are created in the back-end or core systems and demand cumbersome implementation cycles that last months before the products are launched to the market.

Step in Axxiome Digital. Axxiome Digital enables financial institutions to expose products created in the back-end across all front-end channels at once, in a matter of hours. Furthermore, it enables the configuration of products: stand-alone products with predetermined conditions, bundling of related products, enhancement of products with additional features, etc.

Axxiome Digital ensures fast time-to-market for new products so financial institutions can stay ahead of the curve!

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