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‘Process’ is often regarded as the central pillar alongside ‘people’ and ‘technology’ at any organization. And, in an industry where customer service is predominantly a measure of speed and simplicity, it becomes even more important for banks to get the ‘process’ pillar right. Axxiome Digital comes with a pre-integrated intelligent process layer that provides 500+ retail and commercial banking processes out of the box. Banking processes are highly customizable and digitized. A built-in Business Process Management (BPMN2-standard) engine allows for simple, drag-and-drop process design. Processes can also be decoupled from the core systems and from the channels to simplify integration and reduce maintenance costs. Workflows and approvals tied to the processes can also be easily managed through a pre-integrated Business Rules Management engine. Process changes, if any, need to be made only once and can be implemented across the bank’s architecture through the BPM engine. Processes can also be exposed in the form of microservices to consume and to be consumed by external third-party systems allowing banks to test new business models (e.g. instant loan origination at a merchant POS). Thus, back-office processes can be automated and streamlined, manual processes can be digitized or eliminated for improved accuracy and workforce productivity, and most importantly, the overall experience for customers and employees alike can be drastically improved. Banks can then combine people skills with intelligent automation to reimagine and create a new human-digital workforce.

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