In today’s age, customers consume financial products much in the same way that they consume any other product or service from other industries. Customers demand channel and device flexibility, 24/7 availability, ease of use, fulfillment of requests on demand, and an experience that is seamless and personalized.

Axxiome Digital is an omni-channel platform designed for financial institutions to meet and exceed such growing customer expectations. What’s more, through its powerful omni-channel capabilities, Axxiome Digital uniquely allows customers the flexibility to initiate a transaction on a channel or device of their choice, stop the transaction at any stage, and resume the same transaction from where they left off on a different channel or device.

For instance, a customer shopping for a new car can browse the auto loan options the bank offers on their laptop at their office, initiate the auto-loan application on their smart phone while on the move, and visit the bank branch to get some additional information. The banker can complete the auto-loan process from exactly the same point where the customer stopped the transaction; without having the customer repeat any information or steps already completed on other devices. This is comparable to how shoppers reserve a product online and pick them up later from stores.

Along with unifying the experience across channels, Axxiome Digital ensures the customer journey is frictionless and enjoyable, enabling financial institutions to deliver value in every transaction

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