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In a highly commoditized industry where products and services from different banks are difficult to tell apart, experience is one of the more strategic levers that banks are striving to perfect. Customers demand experiences of the highest order. Customers, increasingly, do not hesitate to make a shift to another bank for better experiences.

Axxiome Digital delivers experiences that are intuitive, fast and secure across digital and physical touchpoints. Its powerful omnichannel capability ensure experiences and service delivery across channels and devices are unique, consistent and fully integrated. Experience, however, also needs to be engaging for customers. To that end, Axxiome Digital offers innovative customer interaction channels such as voice-activated banking and AI-powered chatbots that banks can quickly deploy. Market leading solutions in the areas of Digital ID Verification, Electronic Signature, Document Management among others ensure experiences are fully digital for transactions such as new account opening. Personal Finance Management (PFM) comes embedded with Axxiome Digital Online and Mobile banking so customers have a 360-degree view of all their finances in one view.

For the branch staff, Axxiome Digital imparts state-of-the-art technologies. Employee tools, including those used by the Teller have modern and intuitive interfaces that banks can further customize. Digitized and streamlined processes mean manual tasks are greatly reduced, data entry must happen only once, approvals can be sought remotely, and tasks can be fulfilled seamlessly. The processes are also mobile-ready allowing the branch staff to truly take banking to the customer – whether it’s assisting a customer who has stepped into the branch and waiting for assistance or at the customer’s location – be it their office or home. With Axxiome Digital, banks can exercise various branch strategies such as a putting up a small kiosk inside a mall, a mobile bank at a corporate customer’s office, or a modern, fully digital, café-style branch in the central business district. With Axxiome Digital, make experience a competitive advantage for your bank.

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