Banking, on customers’ terms!

In an age and time where customers shop, order food, book rides, or even their vacation on their mobile apps, why do they need to visit a branch to open a new account or sign up for a new financial product?

Banks appreciate the need for digital or remote onboarding, but they also are wary about compliance issues around AML and KYC.

ID Scanning: a simple yet powerful feature, pre-integrated with Axxiome Digital Mobile Banking, enables customers to scan their ID documents, such as passports, auto-populates user details from the document and inputs details to the bank remotely aiding in account opening. Banks can seamlessly execute KYC and background verification and complete the onboarding process remotely.

Remote Cheque Deposits: Customers simply take a picture of their cheque to scan it, confirm the amount and select the account they would like the cheque amount to be deposited into and they are all set! Customers don’t need to visit a branch to deposit a cheque.

Remote Identification: With unprecedented adoption rates of digital channels, banks are on the race to perfect their digital or remote customer onboarding experience. Axxiome Remote Identification allows just that. Features include:

  • An option to place a video call between the customer and remote bank agent.
  • Provision for the customer to share their ID and for the agent to validate the ID after having executed background verification with just a couple of clicks.
  • Compliance to KYC and AML aspects.
  • Real-time decision-making of the customer’s application for products and services.

All the customers need is access to a device with a camera and a stable internet connection, and banks can drive growth through remote customer onboarding, and optimize costs as the now fully-digital process reduces non-productive footfalls at branches, paperwork in the back-office and overall operations of the branches.

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