Impart ground-breaking intelligence, accuracy, and speed into every customer interaction in multiple languages.

What if one employee could deal with all your bank’s customer interactions?

Axxiome Cognitive Chatbot converses with customers using natural language and operates with banking platforms to deliver results in record times, with accuracy, to thousands of customers simultaneously.

Axxiome Cognitive Chatbot can seamlessly integrate with customer-interaction channels supporting the most pressing needs of the banks in the areas of:

  • Customer Support: Resolution of general customer inquiries in self-service, saving time and costs that come with human efforts.
  • Financial Advisory: Relying on data such as products subscribed, activities, spending patterns, life events and more, deliver customized financial advice and tips relevant to each customer.
  • Process Automation: Digitize, standardize and automate manual processes to execute transactions rapidly & accurately, while constantly improving customer experience.
  • Customer Utilities: Seamlessly manage utilities such as bill payments, reminders and notifications that makes customers’ lives easier.

Axxiome Cognitive Chatbot is trained by your bank’s best employees at the start of the implementation project and self-learns constantly thereafter. For interactions, that need further improvements or modifications, the chatbot can be re-trained to ensure that it is always providing optimal customer service. As well, the Chatbot allows seamless human intervention as deemed important.

Axxiome recommends an incremental approach to Chatbot adoption so banks can ease into it. Banks can choose to adopt the Chatbot for a category of transactions – e.g. frequently asked customer inquiries – and then scale it up in a way such that the Chabot can take over the entire customer service floor- Axxiome Cognitive Chatbot doesn’t rest and can do the job of more than 10,000 employees!

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