Understand customer behavior. Bridge process gaps. Elevate channel performance and CX.


You have deployed multiple channels at your bank – mobile, online, branch, customer service and perhaps even a voice-activated channel. Are you able to deliver a truly omni-channel experience? Can your branch employee access an unfinished transaction done by the customer outside the branch? Are all your channels integrated to banking processes and back-end systems?

Axxiome Digital offers powerful omni-channel capabilities aimed to:

  • Provide customers an experience across channels that is consistent and unique to your brand, and seamless so they can switch channels to initiate and complete transactions
  • Empower bank employees with holistic 360-degree-customer-views and insights that support delivering delightful customer experiences, at the branch and outside the branch

However, establishing a truly omni-channel experience for customers is only the first half of the story. What about the channel adoption rate? Are you tracking how customers interact with your channels? Can you tell which is your best performing channel and for what types of transaction? Are customers abandoning a certain process on your mobile banking channel? How long does it take for a customer to complete a money transfer online and is there a way to optimize that? Do you think your branch is really ‘dead’ or fading fast? Or, are there profitable transactions occurring at your branches?

Find answers to all of these and much more in one central location with Channel Analytics from Axxiome.

Channel Analytics is an out-of-the-box functionality in Axxiome Digital, a digital banking engagement platform, whereby multiple sets of relevant data from different banking channels are linked and housed together, and then analyzed to provide channel, process and customer insights – thereby guiding effective and successful decision-making. Insights provided are in the form of visual and pre-configured yet customizable reports, and can be made available to your existing channels or new ones (e.g. Voice-activated) you plan to add.

Key insights:

  • Geographical location from where channels are accessed by customers: You can tell where your digital savvy customers are at and which specific locations have very high or very low branch footfalls through interactive maps, available by country, state/province and city/region
  • Average duration of transactions by channel: Assess your best performing channels for each transaction.
  • Transaction Abandonment Rate: Identify with precision which transactions or processes are being abandoned and at what stage by customers, so you can optimize them for improved results.
  • Prospect behavior: Integrate channel analytics to your bank’s website to learn which products and services your prospects are checking out.
  • Device used: Computer, tablet, smartphone – understand your customers’ preferred device types for banking.
  • OS and Software: Understand customers’ favorite OS-browser combinations for banking.
  • Reporting: Give business users the flexibility to pull reports on their own. No more IT for reporting needs.
    • Standard reporting metrices are available; specific metrices can be customized.
    • Generate reports by time periods. Compare and track improvements over previous time periods.
    • Easily export reports as PDFs and share with relevant stakeholders.

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