Several financial institutions are weighed down by legacy systems that have been developed over the years, at different stages for different use cases and on different architecture principles and technologies. This baggage makes the overall technology landscape extremely complex and unyielding to change. For example, many financial product lines – checking & savings accounts, credit cards, line of credit, investments – are managed in different core systems. Further, channels and business processes are managed in silos and tracked independently, which not only make it harder for the bank to introduce new or improved products across channels quickly, but also for customers who want to use their preferred channels for banking transactions.

Traditional financial institutions usually do not have the luxury to start with a clean digital or IT slate like some emerging competitors do, and yet they need to offer seamless customer experiences and innovative offerings to stay competitive.

Axxiome Digital, a ready-to-run platform, is built on the design principle of a two-speed architecture to help financial institutions develop customer-facing capabilities at very high speeds, while core replacement projects can stay at a slower pace.

For example, the readily available omni-channel capabilities of Axxiome Digital ensures unique and frictionless journeys across all customer facing and employee facing channels in no time. Channel UIs are highly customizable too, and can be adopted to suit evolving customer preferences. As another example, a readily available product configurator helps financial institutions expose new products in the back-end across all channels and devices in hours instead of months.

Axxiome Digital fosters an incremental based implementation to positively impact front-end capabilities enabling financial institutions to deliver enhanced customer experiences and innovative offerings from the word go. At the same time, through its platform-agnostic adapter and API driven architecture, Axxiome Digital integrates with and leverages the core and legacy back-end systems that provide the stability to the overall technology landscape. What’s more, Axxiome Digital untangles the complexity in the back-end systems and instills flexibility and agility. For instance, the BMPN2 standard business process management and rules management engines decouple business processes from the back-end, products, and channels, and manages processes centrally for standardization, digitization, and automation, resulting in improved process efficiency.

Axxiome Digital is designed for financial institutions to transform into responsive, future-ready, digital enterprises. Hit the ground running with Axxiome Digital.

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