Cash Management in the Digital Age

Financial institutions providing commercial cash management products and services in the digital age are challenged to profitably manage highly complex and diverse customer relationships.

Cash management products and services are often seen as enticements for loan business from corporate customers and not standalone products with revenue generating potential. For this reason, there has been little investment in technology to support cash management professionals.

Cash management professionals often make decisions without sufficient information because collecting and aggregating non-credit data for decision making is a manual and time-consuming process.

With timely access to trends and patterns of non-credit data, also known as funds flow data, cash management professionals are able to maximize the value of the corporate customer relationship by:

  • Qualifying, pricing and structuring profitable deals
  • Capturing details of cash management deals with variability in the terms and conditions
  • Measuring the performance of cash management portfolios against the institution’s targets to achieve alignment with corporate objectives

About the Solution

Axxiome’s response to the technology challenges faced by cash management professionals is the Cash Management Cockpit – Powered by Banking BE, an integrated platform that allows institutions to:

  • Understand and influence customer behavior with rich customer and portfolio analytics
  • Measure business and employee performance with predefined KPIs or benchmarks
  • Establish profitable pricing models supported by visibility to customer behavior patterns
  • Manage sales opportunities and pipeline
  • Highlight opportunities to improve returns by measuring and analyzing profitability by individual customer, industry or segment

Key Features

Podcast: Cash Management in the Digital Age

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