axxiome-banking-feature-enAxxiome Banking is a unique asset enabling financial institutions to put the most competitive core banking operations in place cost-effectively, rapidly and reliably.

Axxiome Banking is a comprehensive, ready to run, end-to-end platform for consumer and business retail banking, underpinned by proven state-of-the-art technology. It encapsulates expertise from many banking transformation programs worldwide, combining best-in-class core-banking processes with a powerful omni-channel architecture and market-leading banking products.

Axxiome Banking is used to transform existing core-banking capabilities as well as to set up completely new operations. It delivers a step change reduction in costs, risks, timelines, and complexity of commissioning a comprehensive, market-leading, system for retail banking.

Once operational, the platform combines unmatched processing efficiency and scalability with the ability to introduce new products, or change existing ones, rapidly.

With Axxiome Banking, banking organizations can move into new business lines and new areas confidently, knowing that they will be able to surpass the most competitive of cost/revenue benchmarks in any region. They can also be sure that the platform will support the services demanded by the most exacting customers in any target market cost effectively, regardless of the access channels utilised.

Axxiome Banking can form the foundation for the entire operation of a bank, or support specific lines of business. It is readily integrated into key banking sector networks and with other corporate systems. The architecture benefits from the best-practice integration methods developed by a leading banking sector forum (BIAN).

Preconfigured facilities are available for integration into national and international payment and settlement networks. The facilities provided also cover data exchange with leading credit-rating, authentication and fraud bureaus.

Over 500 pre-configured and standardized flows and processes are also available across online and mobile banking applications, as well as more traditional branch portal and teller channels. This has the business advantage of providing a consistent user experience and the technical benefit of being pre-integrated with most peripheral devices available in the market.

Axxiome Banking has powerful facilities supporting statutory compliance and corporate governance. Functionality that is ubiquitous for good governance is supplemented by additional facilities for compliance requirements specific to particular regions/countries.

Axxiome Banking is based on a proven reference banking architecture. It incorporates reference banking processes for loans, mortgages, saving and deposits, including current accounts. Proprietary products can be readily configured from its leading-edge banking product templates.

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