Axxiome AG buys HartterGruppe from Oberwart, Austria



St. Gallen, Switzerland – May 20, 2015 Axxiome AG announced today that it has entered into an agreement to buy HartterGroup from Oberwart, Austria for an undisclosed amount. “More than 200 successful customer implementations in the financial services industry are strong proof of the competence and experience that Hartter has to offer. As a result of these successful projects the company now has products, re-usable content and workflows for more than 500 robust banking processes. These processes cover everything from retail banking to commercial banking, as well as central banking. This is an asset that has exceptional value. Hartter’s ProGvs solution, a modern state-of-the-art omni-channel front-end, that will soon be available in HTML5, fits very well into the Axxiome Advanced Banking Platform offering, and delivers an extremely strong value proposition to financial services organizations globally”, says Michael Mauk, CEO of Axxiome. He continues, “We also see great market opportunity in JKassa, a widely used teller solution, as well as MAKRES, a powerful loan decision engine, two more solutions that Hartter has developed. We could not be more excited, because Axxiome will be able to provide banks a full end-to-end banking solution from User Interface and Omni-Channel to the SAP banking services platform”.

“For us Axxiome is the ideal partner, which we already know very well from a number of joint projects and a multi-year business partnership. So we know this will work” says Emmerich Hartter, CEO and Founder of HartterGroup, a company that he has led successfully for more than 30 years. He continues to say “After such a long period of time, you don’t sell your baby to just anyone. Axxiome however, has all that is required to bring Hartter to the next level of maturity. Axxiome’s diligent focus on the financial services industry, its skills and experience from numerous SAP Core Banking-based transformation projects, its global presence in Europe, the United States, Latin America and in the Asia Pacific Region will provide a huge opportunity for the Hartter solutions going forward”.

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