Axxiome specializes in banking platforms, implementations, and services that enable financial institutions to run their day-to-day operations and stay current with market demands. We provide services for backend solutions in:
  • Customer Information Management
  • Deposits Management
  • Loans Management
  • Collateral Management
  • Leasing
  • Master Contract Management
  • Posting Control Office
  • Payment Channel Integration
We provide services for frontend solutions in:
  • Account Origination
  • Teller & Branch Frontends
  • Loans Decision Engines

Axxiome aims to provide the most complete products and services offering for business transformation in the financial services industry. Axxiome continues to invest heavily in our team of globally experts, to enhance existing core capabilities in banking, insurance and consulting.


Core Banking Reference Architecture

Banking architecture does not vary too much regardless of the system being used, or the

Core Banking Transformation

Transformation programs for core banking platforms are highly-complex initiatives that touch every area of a financial

SAP Core Banking Solutions

Axxiome is known for providing quality and value for organizations that are implementing or considering


Axxiome specializes in services within the area of insurance. Based on in-depth experience, we provide solutions around all corresponding modules for insurance industries. This includes all backend and frontend solutions and technical integration of SAP and non-SAP applications. We provide services for backend solutions in:
  • Customer Information Management
  • Policy Management
  • Claims Management
  • Collections and Disbursements
  • Commission Management
  • Re-Insurance Management


Insurance Transformation

Transformation programs for insurance platforms remain highly complex initiatives, touching the heart and lungs of an

SAP Insurance Solutions

Axxiome offers expertise in all phases and dimensions of an SAP Insurance implementation project: Selection


Realize projects from A to Z, from the first strategic considerations, system architectures, implementation through to testing and operation of fully developed systems. Using past experiences and leveraging in-depth knowledge, Axxiome works with organizations to understand their pain points and then define processes and solutions that will empower those organizations to achieve better success.  Axxiome offers CFO solutions to enable our clients in making the right decisions at the right time. Axxiome is comprised of a global team of architects, consultants and analysts that work with companies to become more efficient and future-proof. Axxiome serves both the financial industry and other selected industries (such as healthcare, automotive, logistics and manufacturing). Axxiome’s expertise includes services of the following areas:

  • Business and IT strategy alignment
  • Corporate management
  • Process management
  • Enterprise performance management
  • Industrialization/automation
  • Business and data architecture
  • Business intelligence


Business Process Management (BPM)

Knowing your processes means knowing your business, Business Process Management (BPM) is necessary in every

Business Strategy

Axxiome focuses on intelligence through analytics in financial markets. Initiatives are related to banking to

Digitization and Modernization

Financial institutions are focusing more on transforming their business strategies, operations, and technologies to improve

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