Branch/Back Office Frontend - ProGvs

ProGvs covers typical customer and account service functionalities (customer creation and maintenance, account creation and maintenance, card and cheque handling, 360-degree view of customer, payment transactions, etc.). Based on guided flows and processes, branch employees use ProGvs to easily process customer onboarding, banking transactions, and other services.

Teller/Cash Desk Solution - JKassa

JKassa is designed for dedicated teller workstations and covers typical cash and cash related transactions; cashless and cheque transactions, guided start-of-day/end-of-day procedures and cash management functionalities are provided for the cash desk employee. Additional peripheral devices are integrated to support automated operations.

Loan Decision System - MAKRES

MAKRES produces loan application decisions in a matter of seconds, based on automatic credit reference agency queries and scoring, including household calculation. Further queries and special processes for risk-based pricing complete the functionality. The post-processing and the automatic posting into the operative system help to reduce follow-up time.

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