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Workshop-Reihe „Der strategische Wert von Daten“

Lernen Sie in unserer Workshop-Reihe den Mehrwert Ihrer Kundendaten kennen. Das Business Engineering Institute St. Gallen und Axxiome begleiten Sie bei Ihrer Umsetzung zu einer nachhaltigen und wertvollen Datenstrategie.

Axxiome Banking Analytics Unlocks the Value of Data in Real-Time

Credit unions and community banks are falling behind in the data arms race. According to one industry analyst, the gap is growing in the adoption rate of advanced analytics between smaller financial institutions and their big-bank counterparts. Less than 9% of institutions with under $1 billion in assets use advanced analytics compared to 50% of banks with more than $50 billion in assets using advanced analytics*.

Advanced Banking Reference Model (ABRM) Fact Sheet

Major change initiatives, such as core banking transformations, do not fail due to poor technology platform quality. Projects fail due to a lack of scope clarity, not utilizing a reference process model, and trying to “reinvent the wheel”. The ABRM helps clarify the transformation scope and architecture model.

Advanced Banking Academy (ABA) Fact Sheet

The Advanced Banking Academy prepares your complete project team for the challenges of a core banking transformation. The modular approach spans from banking industry knowledge, Reference Processes and Methodology, as well as application and technology specific components.

Advisory Services

Axxiome Advisory Services combine a sophisticated set of methods and tools with best practice expertise. We successfully launch complex transformation programs.

Application Management Services (AMS) Fact Sheet

Axxiome provides complete management of the technology aspects of business applications so that you can focus on business process effectiveness

Axxiome Premium Services (APS) Fact Sheet

Axxiome Premium Services provide structured continuous quality oversight based on a “Quality Control Framework” geared toward project success with reduced risk, lower cost, best practice solutions and customer value enablement.

Analytic Banking Services (SAP Bank Analyzer)

Axxiome’s Analytic Banking Services offer expertise in integrated finance and risk platforms using SAP Bank Analyzer – a unique solution catering to the volatile world of risk, compliance and financial accounting.

Clarity Method Fact Sheet

The Clarity Method is a way for organizations to map their business strategy to the specific transformation projects and articulate the technology building blocks required to achieve strategic business results.

Complexity Measurement

The Complexity Measurement score is a numeric representation used to track improvements and/or compare complexity with peers.


Digitization affects all aspects of an enterprise. All areas must rise to the challenge to improve the quality of processes and customer offerings, while reducing costs significantly.

Holistic Architecture & Program Planning Initiative (HAPPI) Fact Sheet

Axxiome’s Holistic Architecture & Program Planning InitiativeTM (HAPPI) is the first step to successful mid- and large-scale technology programs in the financial services industry.

Hybrid Cloud Services

Hybrid Cloud Services combines Axxiome’s expertise in core banking, channels, and banking architecture solutions offered by SAP, with the flexible and agile world of cloud infrastructure provisioning.

Advanced Banking Reference Process Model (ABRPM)

The Advanced Banking Reference Process Model (AB-RPM) uses a common language between bank users and solution experts. From day one of a project it provides best banking industry practices by aligning terminology, communication, and level-set processes.

Axxiome Banking Fact Sheet

Axxiome Banking is a comprehensive, ready to run, platform for consumer and business retail banking underpinned by proven state-of-the-art technology.

Analytic Solutions Fact Sheet

Make smart strategic decisions with fact-based insight by bridging the gap between raw data (including „Big Data“) and real knowledge with Advanced Analytic Solutions.

AML, Fraud Detection, and Credit Bureau Integration

AML, Fraud Detection, and Credit Bureau Integration – Regulations are always changing, and demand a high understanding of a financial institution’s customers and prospects.

Current Accounts Fact Sheet

Now, more than ever, it is extremely important for financial institutions to understand their customer behaviour, situations, current and future needs.

SAP Banking Services Fact Sheet

Reduce the risk and cost of an SAP Banking implementation with Axxiome Banking.

Time to Market: Launch Products Quickly Fact Sheet

With fully documented and streamlined end-to-end processes, the effort required to implement Axxiome Banking is minimal and reduces the time to market significantly.

captive finance
Captive Finance Solutions Fact Sheet

Standardized, streamlined and efficient processes, simple and flexible architecture, accuracy of information: these are some of the main qualities of Axxiome’s Captive Finance Solution.

Axxiome Loans Monitor Fact Sheet

Axxiome Loans Monitor is designed to address gaps that organizations running SAP Loans Management face on a regular basis.

Axxiome Payment Hub Fact Sheet

The payment world in the ongoing digital era is marked by rapid changes; particularly changes that pose big challenges to banks.

Axxiome Lease vs Finance Analytics

Axxiome Lease vs Finance Analytics is a sophisticated and user-friendly lease/buy/finance system, suited to any entity contemplating capital projects and/or equipment expenditures.

Open Banking und PSD2 Fact Sheet

Auch die Finanzdienstleistungsbranche ist nicht gefeit gegen die unliebsamen Nebenwirkungen des digitalen Zeitalters. Dazu gehört beispielsweise die Einführung der PSD2-Verordnung oder die zweite Richtlinie für Zahlungsdienste für europäische Banken.

PSD2 beinhaltet eine Reihe klarer Vorgaben, für deren Umsetzung den Banken bis Oktober 2018 nicht viel Zeit bleibt.

Teller & Cash Services Fact Sheet

The Axxiome Digital Teller & Cash Services provide comprehensive cash management features, automation and security of teller transactions.

Online and Mobile Banking Services Fact Sheet

The Axxiome Digital Online and Mobile Banking Services deliver a long-standing user experience that provides customers best practice for online and mobile banking.

Loan Decision Services Fact Sheet

Axxiome Digital Loan Decision Services is a predefined functional module that provides decisions for loan applications in a matter of seconds, based on automatic credit reference agency queries and scoring.

Customer and Account Services Fact Sheet

Axxiome Digital Customer and Account Services is a predefined functional module for the branch, and provides typical customer and account service functionalities.

Axxiome Digital Fact Sheet

Ihre Bank, überall erreichbar: mit der Prozess- und Service-Plattform Axxiome Digital werden Sie Ihre Kunden in höchstem Maße zufrieden stellen.

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