Not so long ago, I walked in to a branch (simply based on location proximity) to open a new account. It took the bank officer about 45 minutes to open a checking account, a savings account and a credit card bundle. 45 minutes to simply become a new customer. The process involved a fair amount of work and most of it was manual – photocopying my ID, entry of my data into systems, documents that had to be printed, signed, scanned, filed and stored. The product selection was manual too – a bunch of leaflets were given to me and the officer had to manually (again!) enter data into a couple of different systems based on my choices. The bank officer seemed quite frustrated throughout the process, and why wouldn’t one be? And, there are no brownie points for guessing how I, as a customer, felt! I shared this experience with friends & colleagues, and surprisingly, I’m not alone.

Here is where Axxiome Digital can step in. Axxiome Digital positively impacts the three fundamental levers of the bank – technology, process and people.

Technology: it seamlessly connects to (pretty much any!) core & back-end legacy systems you might be running, can easily integrate with third party systems such as credit bureaus, address validation services, KYC & AML solutions, and supports integration with a record number of peripheral devices such as the ID scanner, barcode reader, card printing solutions, etc. Result? A fully-integrated technology stack that supports the growing needs of the bank and its employees.

Processes: Axxiome Digital digitizes paper-based processes, automates them, and makes them available in the employee channels (and customer self-serve channels; over 500 banking processes are also available out of the box!). Result? A connected, intelligent technology-process landscape.

People: Axxiome Digital presents the employees (people!) with solutions that are rich in functionality, yet intuitive in its UI. The functionalities combine the powers of the already connected processes and technology landscape, which means the branch staff now have a fully digitized, automated solution at their disposal. And yes, the solution is mobile too, so employees are not restricted to their offices. Result? A previously unimaginable experience – for the employees and for the customers! Experience that is digitized, fast and seamless.

At a time and age when it takes a fair amount of motivation or a strong need for a customer to visit the branch, let’s make it count!

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