How flexible is your branch workforce? Can your Tellers be personal bankers or the other way around?



It’s inevitable, the branch is quiet all morning, and then suddenly it’s lunch time and everyone is arriving at the same time or the end of the work day arrives and once again the branch that has been quiet all day is faced with a rush of people. The line up leading to the Teller is growing by the minute.

What if you could alleviate these long lines by quickly working through the simple day-to-day tasks? What if you could enable your branch staff to go to the customers in the queue and complete standard Teller transactions such as cheque deposits, fund transfers, etc. with just a few clicks on their tablets?

How would you like if your Teller could identify that the customer in front of them has an unfinished auto loan application initiated via the mobile banking app? And, how about the Teller having the ability to offer advice on the auto loan and even complete the application, from exactly where it was last saved by the customer?

As banks conceive different branch strategies, we believe there are two cornerstones – (a) enhanced customer experience and (b) operational efficiency. The main linkage between the two cornerstones is an empowered branch workforce. It’s the empowered branch staff that can contribute to improved operational efficiency of the branch while delivering an enhanced customer experience. And, here’s where Axxiome Digital can help. Axxiome Digital empowers the branch staff. We refer to them as branch champions. Some call them universal bankers. But you get the drift. In our eyes, a branch champion is a Teller, a personal banker, a sound financial advisor, a business analyst, and above all, a customer enthusiast, all at once!

Well, how exactly does Axxiome Digital enable a branch champion? Through four features, essentially –

  • Boundary-less access: to the length and breadth of the bank’s processes, systems and peripheral devices. Not restricted to standard teller functionalities alone. Not restricted to a specific line of business. Not restricted at all (role authorization can easily be set up), so they can handle/complete any and all customer transactions.
  • Mobility: solutions are available on smart-phones and tablets, so the branch champion is truly mobile.
  • “Phygital” integration: Merges the digital and physical customer journeys that provide holistic customer 360-degree views in real-time, so they have actionable insights into customers’ profiles, products served, transaction history, qualifying offers and more.
  • Process and workflow automation: The transaction throughput is only as fast as the last link in the transaction. Axxiome Digital digitizes and automates the underlying business processes, workflows and approvals, so branch champions can fulfill customer transactions on-demand, while, say, approval can happen in the back-end in near-real-time.

In a day and age where digital delivery is growing rapidly, there’s enough evidence that shows the branch is still relevant. But, what you make out of the branch has never been more important.

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