CIAB FEBRABAN (Congress and Exhibition of Information Technology for Financial Institutions) is taking place June 21-23 in Brazil. It is the largest technology event for the financial services industry in Brazil. Since its inception, this event has encouraged the development of technology and innovation, which contributes to industry progress, and creates business and networking opportunities for attendees.

Last year CIAB FEBRABAN expanded its scope to include payments technology and insurance segments for international, investment and commercial banks and credit institutions. Blockchain and the FinTech landscape are sure to be a favourite discussion topics this week.

Top executives from the financial industry and the fields of technology will discuss research, innovation, information security, payment methods, banking services and insurance at the three-day exhibition.

Our very own Alejandro Iribarnegaray will be there in person, should you have any questions about the future of banking. He can be reached by email:

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