The road to omni-channel



There is no shortage of articles and discussions highlighting the importance of omni-channel banking in today’s digital world. There is an immediate need for omni-channel capabilities to better serve customers, keep up with competitors, and leverage new technologies as they are available.

For most organizations, the road to omni-channel is about meeting customer expectations and providing a seamless experience regardless of whether the customer is in the branch, online, or logged on from a phone or tablet. And while there is no dispute that these front-end efforts are important for customer attraction and retention, there is also opportunity to improve processes and rein in costs in the back-end.

Most financial services organizations have started their digital journey to some degree and strategy roadmaps typically have omni-channel as a target in the coming months and years. There are many routes in achieving omni-channel success, and the path taken will be different for each organization.

Despite the path taken, there are some key factors that should be considered by each organization in planning the journey to ensure that they are successful in the outcome. In a series of upcoming posts, Axxiome will present these key factors, such as architecture, integration, and processes, and considerations for each that will smooth the path to omni-channel.

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