Rethinking branch strategies in a digital world



Banks all over the world are looking for options to optimize their branch strategies; we’ve all experienced (or at least heard of) digital branches, mobile branches, branches at shopping malls (or other places where customers frequent), and traditional branches getting re-designed. At the center of it all is a reimagined customer experience. At Axxiome, we believe that great customer experience starts with happy employees, and a fundamental piece to enable employees is to have the right technology to support them. Of course, it is not only about employees it also means empowering customers to do more on their own. As experience has proven though, as long as everything is going well, customers love doing things on their own. But, when things don’t go as expected, customer satisfaction decreases, and frustration increases exponentially with every second that goes by without a solution.

In both cases a robust and flexible technology is key. Axxiome Digital Teller enables a whole new branch experience.

With Axxiome Digital Teller, banks can enable different branch strategies; here are a few examples:

  • Enable teller processes to be executed in mobile devices: allow your branch employees to move freely around the branch, connecting to peripheral devices remotely and only heading back to them to collect or deposit cash or cheques, etc.
  • Empower the branch champions: allow your branch employees to run all the necessary teller transactions in the device of their preference, but at the same time (and with the same application) allow them to also sell new products and services.
  • Extend the opening hours of your branch network: through the integration of Video Teller devices you can continue to serve customers after hours. Furthermore, the video teller can connect to a customer service assistant via a video if needed.
  • Enable a mobile branch: similarly, with the use of video tellers or by opening kiosks in shopping malls, your customers can interact with a teller right where and when they need to.

Axxiome Digital Teller leverages over 30 years of experience providing the best-in-class teller solutions to banks all around the globe. The best practice teller processes have been redeployed into the latest technology to allow for the teller of the future and accompany banks’ digital strategies.

Axxiome Digital Teller’s powerful integration capabilities mean it can run on top of any world-class banking solution as well as older (even homegrown) mainframe solutions without major integration efforts, allowing for the quickest possible way to leverage a Digital Branch and excellent customer and user experience.

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