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Banks are embarking on their digital transformation journey, some earlier than others, but the journey is simply inevitable if banks are to succeed in the current market. Consider Open Banking and PSD2 as major players in this disruption, and also the pressure that Fintechs and new players are putting on traditional banks. Not to mention that it’s long been rumoured of Amazon’s intention to become a player, or the disruption Apple is making on banks’ branding when customers say they use Apple Pay or the Apple Card. And of course, there are many more smaller disruptors as well that cannot be ignored such as Monzo, Starling Bank, Revolut or N26 and others.

As a starting point there is the task of replacing and improving customer facing channels such as banking apps and online banking; but there’s also the other side of the business, the one that has traditionally made the difference for banks: their branch network. In plenty of cases, the technology used by banks in the branches is completely entangled, disconnected, obsolete and not very user friendly (and that is if they’re not using Excel…).

These issues plaguing branches creates a massive challenge when it comes to implementing the Digital Strategy fully.

Axxiome Digital provides a simple way to resolve this. With its more than 500 configurable processes that are ready out of the box, Axxiome Digital can serve the branch in all necessary tasks, and that includes the teller. Axxiome Digital centrally manages all business processes and rules of the bank and exposes them through Open APIs to all channels and the banking eco-system. One of Axxiome Digital’s native channels is Axxiome Digital Teller that is based on a state of the art, flexible architecture, which provides all the necessary teller processes and device integrations.

Some of the solutions included in the Teller are:

  • Start and end of day processes
  • Request and/or send cash from workstation to workstation
  • Reconciliation of the branch position
  • Check or cash deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Foreign exchange and precious metal transactions
  • and many more.

All of which is completely auditable and integrated providing communication, notification and remote approval capabilities for the selected processes.

With over 50 different models of peripheral devices that are already integrated, Axxiome Digital provides a quick setup for devices such as:

  • Cash dispensers and cash recyclers
  • Document, passbook and label printers
  • Magnetic and optical readers (MSR, MICR, OCR),
  • PIN pads
  • Pen pads
  • Check scanners
  • Barcode scanners
  • Alarms
  • Biometric fingerprint scanners
  • (ID) Card reader/scanner
  • Scales
  • QR code readers
  • Video teller machines
  • Tablets and mobile phones

New devices can be integrated seamlessly thanks to Axxiome Digital’s Peripherals Management component.

Axxiome Digital has evolved over the last 30 years by serving over two hundred banks globally, continuously improving to better serve the business and to provide the best customer and user experience by leveraging the best technology available.

The digital transformation journey wouldn’t be successful if the digital experience was exclusively reserved to customers; it should take place across the entire organisation. Bank employees, more over those facing customers, should not only enjoy the digital experience, they should also be advocates for the digital changes, and the first step of this is providing them with technology that matches that of the customers. This is the only way that they can serve customers and meet customer expectations. As your bank’s digital strategy completes the customer facing channels transformation it is time to look at the employee facing channels and consider how teller improvements can become a game changer for your bank.

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