Axxiome will be attending the Digital Banking Conference in Berlin. On May 16th and 17th keynote speeches, panels, and discussions will take place on the topics of banking, the transformation of the financial market and the changing role of legislators and regulators.

More than 500 finance politicians, bank decision makers, fintech and technology companies will come together to discuss open banking and the financial world of tomorrow. Other topics include digital identities, cloud banking, payments of the future and the FinTech ecosystem in Germany, as well of all of Europe.

An Axxiome expert will be in attendance, and ready to discuss all of these pressing issues. Get in touch with us, if you will be there and want to talk.

To find out more about the event:

Can’t attend but want to find out more about Axxiome Digital? Contact us to see Axxiome Digital in action!

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