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Michael Mauk

Michael Mauk is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Axxiome. After an apprenticeship as a banker and an education in business management and computer science, Michael began his career at SAP as an application consultant. He then went on to build up IMG Group in the U.S., and in 1999 he returned to Switzerland, where he was appointed to Senior Vice President to the extended executive management team. Back in Europe, he expanded the business into SAP Banking, which developed into a significant part of IMG’s business.

In 2006, he joined ifb Group where he successfully built the SAP Core Banking business, and expanded the business to the U.S through the Miama office. In 2009, Axxiome was formed from a management buyout of ifb Group, and Michael has continued to grow the company and expand on the service offerings to make Axxiome the successful organization that it is today.

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