About Axxiome


About Axxiome

Our mission is to deliver solutions to the financial services industry, driving business and technology change through proven global expertise.

Axxiome is a name synonymous with quality and value for financial services organizations that are looking to improve or build upon their IT operations. With offices and subsidiaries in many countries around the world, Axxiome excels in transforming legacy banking and insurance platforms to modern solutions, and is considered a leader in implementation and integration of digitization initiatives across the globe.

Axxiome provides expert technical and advisory services to Financial Services Industry organizations and enables reduced complexity and cost. Axxiome’s professional consultants bring global experience, innovation and knowledge to customer projects. Axxiome’s omni-channel products help to apply the latest social, mobile and cloud concepts, and technologies in banks and insurance companies.


The core group of today´s organization started in 1999. Axxiome was founded in 2009 in a management buyout, with an original group of over 80 highly experience experts in these technologies. Axxiome has grown to over 200 employees worldwide today.

From the beginning, Axxiome’s subject matter experts and developers core competencies were rooted in the banking and insurance industry. Axxiome has continued to grow these competencies over the years, and today offers a holistic consulting portfolio in and around SAP Banking and Insurance solutions, which Axxiome supports through its proprietary framework and products.

Axxiome Today

Axxiome’s implementation experiences around the globe provides for an extensive understanding of origination processes, banking processes, IT systems, and other related technologies. As Axxiome grows and develops offerings to better serve clients, the company continues to provide implementation services for transformation projects.

Axxiome has made significant investments into its own product portfolio, to complement its consultancy skills and capabilities. The company has vast experience in banking transformation projects, and has productized this knowledge for clients. The products resulting from that investment, like Axxiome Banking and the Axxiome Digital, dramatically reduce the cost of transforming financial service business. With these, Axxiome is well positioned to help banks and insurance companies digitalize their legacy environments without the usual high costs associated with this. This is achieved, because these products are not simply banking tools that need to be brought to life, but already include significant content from proven processes that speed up “time-to-market” and allow a quick and painless transformation into an omni-channel environment.

Technology is changing and clear trends are emerging in how core banking platforms need to connect with front end solutions and peripherals. The future is about standardization and industrialization and we believe most financial service companies will transform most effectively within a standardized environment. These transformations can be handled in a predictable, reproducible way. From this position Axxiome developed the Advanced Banking Framework (ABF). The ABF combines project preparation and proprietary assessment methodologies with a collection of project management tools. Axxiome Banking is the culmination of lessons learned through experience in global transformation projects.

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