Axxiome Digital

Axxiome Digital is a process and service platform complemented by an omni-channel layer, with pre-customized banking processes and various channel user interfaces (UIs) that are available out-of-the-box.

Based on a flexible framework for workflow and process automation, the platform covers the process life cycle among all channels and devices. The integration of banking peripheral devices within the processes, which boost security and efficiency of transactions, is provided by the foundation capability “Peripherals Management” with a wide range of already supported devices.

A proven adapter enables connection with the bank’s legacy landscape and provides out-of-the-box integrations, such as SAP Banking.

Additionally, Axxiome Digital contains an extensive set of proven best practice banking processes. Based on API driven architecture, these processes are exposed as services to be consumed from all channels, UIs, and devices.

The requirements from modern banking frontends that use smart data (just the data needed to fulfill the task at hand) is covered by ready-to-go UIs and apps for different channels. Based on intuitive and customizable screens and a responsive design, banking is simplified and user experience is guaranteed on different devices.


  • Customer-centric digital platform for workflow and process automation
  • Pre-customized banking business processes out-of-the-box
  • Ready to go channel UIs and apps with simplified screens
Axxiome Digital
Axxiome Digital

Axxiome Digital is an omni-channel platform designed to purposefully transform financial institutions into customer-centric and future-ready digital enterprises

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Process Performance Provided

Axxiome Digital consists of pre-customized banking processes required for day-to-day banking operations. These processes can be used by other apps as well.

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